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3 Tips To Sell Your Home For More $$$!

Are you interested in getting the most money in the least time for your property? (Who’s Not?)

Professional Home Staging costs a lot of money – but it works! If it didn’t then home builders wouldn’t pay for it each time they market a new property; and it does cost money. Plenty of money! As little as $5,000 and as much as $50,000! For a lot of home-owners this is not necessary especially if you already have furniture in the home to work with.

So here are some simple Tips that might seem obvious but rarely get done.

  1. DE-CLUTTER: Before you put your home on the market “purge” and get rid of all the “stuff” that gets in the way of making your property easy to move around in. My advice is to rent a storage locker and begin packing up all the items you want to keep for your future home but that you don’t need to get in the way of your sale. Book cases, china cabinets, the Lazy Boy, kitchen counter appliances, sporting gear etc… Anything that you don’t think you’ll need down the road; sell or give it away. If it gets in the way of showing your property it’s reducing the salability of your home. You’re selling space and if potential buyers can’t see the space they won’t want to pay for it.
  2. CLEAN, CLEAN & CLEAN AGAIN: When you’re selling your home it can’t be too clean and I mean really clean. Stoves, fridges, bathrooms, closets, doors and door frames, windows, fireplaces, etc. EVERYTHING!!! I stress again. Your home can’t be too clean. It’ll show better and smell better too.
  3. PAINT: Simply put there is no better return on investment than a fresh coat of paint or at the minimum touch up anywhere that paint may be damaged or faded. Trust me there is not a single thing that you could do that would give you a better return. Oh, and by the way, if you’re not a handy-man then hire a professional because a crappy paint job is just not going to cut it.

There’s 3 Quick Tips. If you’d like more Tips just like this that are easy to do and will get you a better return on your sale, fill out the info below and in the comments field write “Quick Tips To Sell For More”

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